About us

Paul Hellmeier

Managing director

CE Farrier

F-balance and WTS specialist

Expert for flat and harness racing horses

APF / Member AAPF (American Assotiation Professional Farrier)                                                                                              Member BFBA (British Farriers and Blacksmith Assotiation)


Phone : 0170 / 4201678

Emal : kontakt@hufschmied-paul-hellmeier.de

Certfied and recogniced farrier

Hospital farrier

Speaker for hoofhealth and orthopedics


Peter Ogrizovic

Raum Oldenburg - Osnabruck - Warendorf

Certfied and recogniced farrier

Hospital ferrier

CE Farrier

Specialist for dressage and jumping horses


Phone 0171 5213802

Mail peter@ogrizovic.de